Celebrating Life and Aging Well: Hilda's Celebrates 109th Birthday at Fieldstone Commons Community


As the Director of Resident Programs at Fieldstone Commons Community, I am often reminded that aging is a privilege that we should not take for granted. At Fieldstone Commons, we are fortunate to have so many amazing individuals who bring vibrancy and wisdom to our community. One such resident is Hilda, who just turned 109 years old in June. It's hard to believe when you see her; she certainly defies the traditional notion of aging. Born in 1914, Hilda is one of the oldest people living in Canada. Earlier this year Merle Millicent Romney O’Hara, a Canadian senior living   in British Columbia, celebrated her 111th birthday. hilda and myla

 Interestingly, Hilda is in good company. Statistics   Canada show that the number of Canadians aged   100 or older has increased from just 1,065 in 1971   to 9,545 in the 2021 census. 

 ‘SuperAgers’ like Hilda are contributing to new   set  of research into why some people achieve   such longevity.

 At Fieldstone Commons, we strive to take care of   everyone as best as possible, ensuring that each   day is a great occasion. However, Hilda's   milestone birthday made the entire team at   Fieldstone Commons pause and truly reflect on   her remarkable journey. Finding out that she is   109  years old was nothing short of surprising. I remember my own grandpa turning 95, and I thought that was quite an achievement. But to see this spirited person celebrating 109 years of life is awe-inspiring.hilda 1

Reflecting on the past, I recall having some residents over a decade ago who reached the remarkable ages of 100 and 101. Even then, I was struck by the changes that had taken place in Canada during their lifetimes. I can only imagine the incredible transformations Hilda has witnessed throughout her century-plus life. From a time when the 401 highway was just a dirt road to the world we live in today, Hilda has witnessed history unfold firsthand.

Many people wonder what the secret to aging well is. The truth is, it's different for everyone. Some attribute it to their strong religious beliefs and the support of their loving family. Interestingly, Hilda shares a different path. She never got married and never had children and her advice (jokingly) is to avoid both! Instead, she found balance in doing things she loves and enjoys. Perhaps that is one of the keys to her longevity.

As we gathered to celebrate Hilda's 109th birthday, it was heartwarming to see her surrounded by long-time friends who have journeyed with her through life. Despite her age, Hilda remains quite independent. She makes a lot of choices for herself, expressing what she likes and addressing anything that needs attention. Her sharp mind and wit never fail to make us laugh. She reminds us all to cherish each day with laughter and joy.

Hilda's presence in our community is a testament to the fact that aging is not just about counting the years; it's about making the years count. I am grateful for the opportunity to witness such extraordinary individuals like Hilda. Her life story reminds us of the resilience and strength that lies within each of us, regardless of our age. 

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