Let Your Passions Flow

Posted by Kim Lattimore on Feb 7, 2023

Kim Lattimore

“Therapeutic Recreation is a process that enables all individuals to achieve quality of life and optimal health through meaningful participation in recreation and leisure.” – Therapeutic Recreation Ontario 

February is National Therapeutic Recreation Awareness Month and the theme this month is “Let Your Passions Flow”. 

What brings you joy? What are you passionate about? How do you feed your body, mind and spirit?  Cedarvale Lodge_painting

With 2023 just beginning many of us are asking these questions and setting purposeful intentions for the year. In recognition of Therapeutic Recreation Awareness Month, here are some ideas to achieve your goals for well-being with your loved one in long-term care, using the five domains of health.

#1 Physical Health 
Join an exercise class with your loved one. Walk or wheel outside or around the building. Toss or kick a ball. Dance!
Trillium - REC MONTH#2 Intellectual Health 
Reminisce by sharing photos of the past. Play a game together. Sing or play music or a familiar song. Complete a do-it-yourself memoir book together. 

#3 Spiritual Health 
Read spiritual text, poems and stories that bring joy and meaning. Listen to music that speaks to your spirit. Spend time outdoors. Attend a religious service together. Create a gratitude journal together. Do a guided meditation together.

#4 Emotional Health 
Physical touch is important and can be done through manicures, hand massage or a head massage.  Don’t shy away from the difficult topics. Just listen. Be present. Intentionally schedule 30 minutes at least once a week just to chat with your loved one virtually, by phone or to visit. Rockcliffe dancing

#5 Social Health 
Join a program with your loved one. Sit in the café and meet new residents and families. Become a family peer support volunteer and support new families. 

Do you have a talent? Share it! Volunteer to assist or lead a program that you know your loved one is interested in or even bring in your pet for a visit. Our recreation teams can assist with adapting engagement opportunities to meet residents’ needs and are a wonderful source to provide information and resources on recreation therapy.



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